Acknowledgements and
Sources of Information


Map of Buckden (Bugden) and surrounding area from John Speede's map of Huntingdonshire, 1610. Map reproduced by kind permission of The Old Map Company, Sennen Cove, Penzance, Cornwall, TR19 7DF.

We wish to acknowledge the Local History Society, Mr. B. Jobling, Mr. R. Gibson and the various individuals who provided assistance with the compilation of the web page. For a more exhaustive history of the village, the reader is encouraged to contact the Friends of Buckden Towers and/or the Buckden Local History Society.

Sources of Information

A significant portion of the information used in the compilation of the web page was derived from the following books and publications. (Unfortunately some are now out of print, however, it should still be possible to obtain copies through Buckden Library.) The numbers preceding the title of the publication relate to the reference numbers to be found in the body of the web page. These numbers indicate the relevant source used for the contents of the sentence/paragraph (either in full or in part) to which they are attached.

1: A History of Huntingdonshire
Author: Michael Wickes
Publisher: Philimore & Co. Ltd.
ISBN: 0850339537

2: Buckden
Author: S. B. Edgington
Publisher: (Unknown)
ISBN: (None)

3: Buckden Towers Souvenir Guide (1997)
Author: (Unknown)
Publisher: (Unknown)
ISBN: (None)

4: Buckden Towers (History of)
Author: Mary M. Sweeney, B.A
Publisher: (Unknown)
ISBN: (None)

5: What's so Special About Huntingdonshire?
Author: Bob Burn-Murdoch.
Publisher: Friends of The Norris Museum, St. Ives, Huntingdonshire, Cambridgeshire, PE17 4BX
ISBN: 0952590018

Information from the following Internet site was also used in the compilation of the web page:

6: St. Mary's Church
Organisation: GEN UKI - UK and Ireland Genealogy
Home page URL:

We have have taken all reasonable precautions to ensure that credit be attributed to the correct source of the information used. Should any errors or inaccuracies be noted, please notify us by e-mail (or by the use of the feedback form) and we shall take immediate steps to rectify the situation.

Further information on Buckden can be obtained from the Huntingdon Record Office.

Further Reading

The following publications, although not directly used in the preparation of the web page, contain related information that may be of interest to the reader:

Huntingdonshire Heroes of the First World War
Author: John Bell
Publisher: John Bell and Popular Publications, P.O. Box 111, St. Ives, Huntingdon, Cambs, PE17 3FD
ISBN: 0946965218